How to Choose a Funeral Home in Detroit

Tips on Finding a Funeral Home in Detroit, MI

A funeral home , also known as a mortuary, is a business that cares for the dead. A funeral home prepares the body of the deceased for burial and/or cremation, which would take place at another location. They might sell memorial products , like urns, caskets, funeral folders and even grave markers. They usually have arrangements of flowers , vehicles for transportation, and staff experienced in grief counseling .

Some funeral homes are standalone businesses, operating out of a single location. Others are part of larger chains, like Dignity Memorial® (operated by Service Corporation International ) and funeral home brands of national banks , like Wells Fargo .

If you’re choosing which funeral home to work with, first consider whether you’d like a public establishment or a more intimate setting . If you’re looking for a chain , try researching the services offered by each location. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the prices of funeral homes vary widely. 

Average Costs and Expenditures

The cost of a funeral at a public establishment or chain can differ greatly, depending on location. Some of the common expenses of both public and chain funeral homes include:. When you’re choosing which funeral home to work with, find out if the price of the services are negotiable . If they are, try to come up with a way of calculating a fair cost before starting negotiations. You could ask for a quote after you’ve made your final decision, or you could ask them to offer a flat price for all of the services. It is also important to know and understand what services you are looking for. For example, are you looking for cremation services Detroit, or are you looking to have a traditional funeral service with a burial? Knowing what you are looking for will allow you to make more informed decisions. It will also help the funeral homes as they help guide you through the process.

Always consider your budget when choosing a funeral home. If the prices seem too high, don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Visit different funeral homes

If you have the opportunity to attend a viewing, do so. Visiting different Detroit funeral homes will help you compare how they present themselves to the public and whether their prices are reasonable .

Weigh your priorities

When choosing a funeral home, consider the importance of factors like its location and if they have a vehicle for transportation . If you live out in the country, or if there happens to be a funeral home close by, then location is less of an issue.

Get quotes for all services

Make sure all funeral homes quote prices for the same services, like the cost of burying the body or storing it in a refrigerated unit. If you’re looking for a public establishment, ask for quotes for each service you’ll need.